Trace Wizard© Water Use Analysis Software

Aquacrfaft has decided to switch from providing Trace Wizard software to a web based service that uses the latest version of the Trace Wizard(c)  program (that has never been released).  This service will allow anyone with access to the internet to upload a flow trace (in the proper format), and have Aquacraft analyze it and return summary reports.  This project is under development, and we hope to have it ready for release in the first half of 2013.



Meter-Master Flow Data Recorder

Meter-Master is a portable flow recording instrument compatible with almost all water meters. Manufactured in the US by the F.S. Brainard Company, Meter-Master measurement devices are small enough to fit inside a meter box and is easy to set up. Operation is initiated and accurately verified without the need for a personal computer in the field. The Model 100EL utilizes a patented magnetic sensor to count pulses from a meter's magnetic drive.

The Meter-Master 100 is a reliable easy to use portable flow recorder.  Aquacraft has used Meter-Master products to record flow traces for nearly all of our end use research studies.

Aquacraft is an authorized dealer of Meter-Master and F.S. Brainard products.

Contact Aquacraft for a price quote or additional information.

Flow Trace Analysis Training

Aquacraft conducts training in the use of Meter-Master and Trace Wizard products and software. 

Aquacraft trainings are customized to meet the needs of the customer and include topics such as:

  • Overview of Meter-Master loggers including set-up, initialization, and maintenance
  • Installation of Meter-Master loggers on a variety of water meters
  • Procedures for downloading data using Meter-Master for Windows Software
  • Analysis with Meter-Master for Windows software
  • End use analysis with Trace Wizard
  • The use of flow trace analysis for home water audits
  • Measuring conservation effectiveness

Contact Aquacraft for additional information about training.