Phoenix/Gendale/Gilbert Single Family Water Study

Aquacraft is working with the Cities of Phoenix, Glendale and Gilbert to do an end-use study of water use in approximately 400 single family homes in the Phoenix metro area.  The data logging portion of the study is approximately 80% complete, and all logging and trace analysis are expected to be complete by the end […]

Castaic Lake WBIC Evaluation

Aquacraft helped the Castaic Lake Water Agency determine the impact of their Weather Based Irrigation Controller rebate program on the water use of the customers who participated.  The results were of great interest and can be seen by downloading the project cut sheet. Click here to download a copy of a short project description: Castaic […]

California Single Family Water Use Efficiency Study

The California Single Family Water Use Efficiency Study provides a snapshot of the state of single family water use in over 780 households drawn randomly from 9 water agencies in North and South California.  High resolution flow trace data were obtained from the customers’ water meters, which were disaggregated into end uses using Aquacraft’s Trace […]

Residential End Use Study 2016

The final report has been released. You can download a copy of the summary report at